Our experienced team of professional contractors provide expert maintenance on any make or model of liquid tank. When you’re in need of a new system, we can advise you on where to install it, and then we’ll perform the installation for you! 

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, the professionals at Highway Watertanks Pumps and Hire are here to help. We believe you shouldn’t compromise on quality or price, which is why we use products from Camel Tanks and Q Tanks. Camel Tanks are a family-owned company that produces poly water tanks that are “designed with enduring style and strength.” Q Tanks are made in Brisbane and so are tested to strict Australian standards of safety, 100% safe for drinking water. We have a variety of styles of tanks depending on your needs, including corrugated, smooth, slimline ribbed, banded and ribbed.
Look through our selection of water tanks, water pumps, septic tanks and more. We’re committed to providing you with the highest-quality tanks and service at the most competitive price, so call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Poly Water Tanks

Water tanks are an essential utility for homes, industry and farms. A clean and properly functioning tank is a valuable resource. Our water tank supply and installation expertise is useful for a complete variety of water tanks and water types. Look through our range of colours and styles to find the perfect tank for your needs. Most tanks have optional fit-out positions and include ball valve, tap and delivery in SEQ (conditions apply).

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Choose from a variety of pumps for your residential and commercial needs. Call us to find out what brand and type would work best for you.
Septic Tanks
Many businesses need tanks to store a variety of liquids aside from water. Let us help you find the right septic tank solution for your needs.
5373 Tank Mould
5200 Tank Mould
5100 Tank Mould
4400 Tank Mould
3502 Tank Mould
2546 Tank Mould
2389 Tank Mould
1140 Tank Mould
1121 Tank Mould
1110 Tank Mould
710 Tank Mould
660 Tank Mould
500 Tank Mould
440 Tank Mould
350 Tank Mould
Ag Products
6380 Trough Mould
Oasis Trough
700 Trough Mould
580 Trough Mould
300 Long Trough Mould
Yard Trough Mould
9400 L Silo Mould
2150 L Silo Mould
400 L Silo Mould
John Deere Spray Tank Mould
Kayak Storage Box Mould
650 L Under Vehicle Tank Mould
90 L Draw Bar Tank Mould
80 L Under Chassis Tank Mould
60 L Under Chassis Tank Mould
28 L Guard Vehicle Tank Mould
Barrier Reef Mould
Single Recliner Spa Mould
Manly Spa Mould
Pontoon Mould
Water Boy Underground Mould
Water Boy Internal Moulds
Kayak Mould
10' Boat Mould
12' Boat Mould
Kayak Outrigger Mould
Round Spa Mould
Double Recliner Spa Mould
Garden Shed Mould
Billy Cart Mould
Custom Moulding
CSI Service Tank Mould
Float Cover Mould
End Caps 110 - 1067 mm dia.
Man Hole Cover Mould
Ged Laundry Trolley Mould
Tez Laundry Trolley Mould
4 Drum Bund Mould
10,000 L Bund Mould
3500 L Rectangular Bund Mould
Action Tanks
660 Slimline Mould
1100 Slime Line Mould
3000 Lt Underground Mould/Septic Tank
4550 Lt Underground Mould/Septic Tank
5000 Lt Underground Mould/Septic Tank
8000 Lt Underground Mould
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